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Monday, 08 September 2014 19:33


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Mariela Alvarez-Lopez, 10, was born in Orlando, Florida. Her mother and father moved here from Puerto Rico in 1993 with her older sister, Monica. Playing the part of Alysia in Kid Kulinaire is her first professional acting role.


Up until now, Mariela has been in school musicals and summer camp plays (Granny Awards, The Beatles Musical Review, 101 Dalmatians). She is also a Junior in Girl Scouts. Just this year, Mariela joined up with Starshine, Partin Elementary School's chorus, which will be performing at the Orlando Magic games, Disney and other venues. Along with her thorough interest in acting and improvisation, she loves to sing, dance, roller skate, swim and draw.


Much like the character she plays, Mariela has shown an interest in cooking since very early on in her life. She loves cooking dinners with her father, Marcelo, and has an adventurous palate (ask her about sushi, escargots, oysters). She even has her own vegetable garden!


Mariela is very excited to play Alysia and teach kids how to cook creative, fun and healthy dishes that they will love!


She's a quintessential little girl from the great state of Florida.

Sunday, 27 July 2014 18:40

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"FAMILY FLAVORS" a PILOT TEASER/ SHORT that follows the show & cast of the KID KULINAIRE TV cooking show.

ORLANDO, FL AUGUST 2014 – Robinson LLC Productions is proud to announce that the Let's Make A Movie & Music Festival has joined the as a supporter for the Family Flavors/ Kid Kulinaire cooking show teaser/ short, in association with Orlando-based Let’s Make A Movie productions.  Production for the teaser/ short is in post production scheduled for completion for September 28th, 2014.

"Family Flavors" is an innovative infotainment project designed to help combat the global childhood obesity epidemic, improve health and wellness through good nutrition and fitness, and promote quality family time (family in the most inclusive sense) all while having fun in the process. In short teaching the parents to teach their children to make healthier choices while giving them tools that are inovative, practicle and fun.

The cornerstone of the project is an educational family television program entitled " Family Flavors with Kid Kulinaire, that not only teaches parents how to cook with their children, it also demonstrates how to share information on topics such as proper nutrition, how to make healthy choices in food and fitness, and leading an active non-sedentary lifestyle together with family and friends.

The show includes two major segments, the first  is a scripted reality-style segment that follows the life of  the cast and their families of the family TV cooking show Kid Kulinaire. We follow Alysia (and her Mom Pilar -single hispanic parent) along with a cast of animated characters that are Alysia’s imaginary friends and Chef Brian at home, inside and outside the studio using real life situations.  The second segment features the real TV cooking show "Kid Kulinaire"  with Alysia that is an added feature to "Cooking With Chef Brian". 


Brian David Robinson is “Chef Brian”.  Brian is an accomplished chef, graduate of the Culinary Institute of America, Creator and Executive Producer of "Family Flavors/ Kid Kulinaire", and rising culinary star who has been featured on CNBC4 morning cooking shows, The Drenda Show, The Learning Lunch Box, and Cooking with Johnny D.


Introducing Mariela Alvarez-Lopezis cast as Brian's real life cousin "Alysia". Discovered upon a chance meeting in front of Panera bread by Brian David Robinson, after he left a lunch meeting running into Mariela while she was out shopping with her older Sister Monica and invited her to try out for the audition. Mariela is that bigger than life hispanic child who loves to cook and sees all the posibilities in life and that is why she is an amazing fit for Alysia. 


Crystal Barragan is cast as “Pilar,” the onscreen single hispanic mother for “Alysia” on the teaser/ short.  A new screen presence, Crystal was recently seen in the documentary America: Imagine the World Without Her, a Lions Gate Production released in July 2014.


The Family FlavorsKid Kulinaire TV Pilot is in pre-production. Robinson LLC Productions will produce, distribute and market the TV pilot in association with Ratti Entertainment, Let's Make A Movie productions and Digital Tiger Studios, as part of the next phase of the strategic multi-media marketing campaign to cross promote "Family Flavors" and all products under the Kid Kulinaire brand.

Kid Kulinaire is a multifaceted project with a strong multicultural appeal. Robinson LLC Productions has completed the development phase of the TV series. The franchise includes, but is not limited to the following:  apparel line, cook books, children’s books, cooking line, Kid Fun Fit (after school programs), toys, the animated series A Kid’s Tale, and TV series, all with integrated branding opportunities.

“We’re very excited about the TV teaser/ short.  We feel that this will be instrumental in enhancing our branding and marketing endeavors for Family Flavors and Kid Kulianire” said Brian Robinson, Co-Owner of Robinson LLC Productions with brother AJ Robinson.

For more information on the Kid Kulinaire project please visit:



Brian David Robinson Robinson LLC Productions
Phone: 614-425-5084
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Wednesday, 13 November 2013 08:10

Brian David Robinson, creator of Kid Kulinaire, and Jhon Benavides, founder of JB Studios, have teamed up to take Kid Kulinaire to the next step with our newest program, Kid Fun Fit™.


We are proud to announce that Kid Kulinaire is launching the first Kid Fun Fit™ children’s fitness classes and Multicultural Martial Arts™ kids' classes at JB Dance and Fitness Studios in Orlando, Florida ( starting November 4th at 5pm.  Class times and dates will be updated monthly at both Kid Kulinaire and JB Studios. Our Kid Fun Fit™ program launch is the first of many to come as we continue to spread our brand throughout the nation.  All children’s programs include free memberships to


Brian David Robinson has trained in several styles of martial arts and has a Master ranking. He will be personally involved in the classes to ensure success with the program.  The Multicultural Martial Arts™ kids’ classes has the love and support of the Silent Dragon System with Grand Master Mike P. Glynn, Black Lotus Martial Arts Association, and Black Dragons with Shihan Don Miskel.


Jhon Benavides has been in the fitness industry for over 20 years and brings extensive experience in Latin dance and fitness training. Originally from Bogota, Columbia, Jhon believes in approaching the body as a whole; focusing not only on improving the physical condition of their members, but also the mental well-being.  In addition, Jhon will provide the necessary tools to develop healthy lifestyles and strive to make a difference in kids’ lives; enabling them to become happier and feel better about themselves.


JB Studios Dance and Fitness provides lifestyle coaching and was created to help improve both the physical and mental quality of life of their members through dance and exercise in a fun, educational, and professional environment.  The focus is on youth development and a healthy family lifestyle, while encouraging a philosophy of honesty, respect, fairness, and passion.


JB Studios - “Your Choice, Your Lifestyle!!!”


Kid Kulianire - “For Families That Make Healthy Choices”









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