Dana Stamos

Public Relations Advisor


Dana Stamos is actively involved in the health and fitness world, enjoys sky diving, phsyical fitness, working with Special Olympics and martial arts.  She is the founder of martial arts websites including USA Dojo, World Wide DojoFight Con, and The Martial Directory.

With the love of martial arts and has studied Tang Soo Do Karate with Harold Gross and Danzan Ryu JuJitsu with Professor Larry Cary. She became a Black Belt with Integrated Martial Solutions, an Isshin-ryu Karate-do, Ryukyu Kempo (Tomari-te), Kyusho-Jitsu mix with Master Glenn Ristine and she is part of Kyusho-Jitsu Kenkyukai. She has also studied the Multi-Martial Arts System (MMAS) with Sensei Jesus Suarez and she is part of Doce Pares International.

Dana is the Nevada representative for the World Kobukan Federation and member of the Kobuka England and the Japan Institute*, and an individual member of the World Union of Karate-Do Organisations or WUKO through Master Ronnie Colwell.

She attended the University of Redlands graduating with a B. A. Degree in English, and with minors in theater and religion. While attending Redlands, Dana participated in a foreign studies program, living in Salzburg, Austria. While there she studied European culture, art history, and the governments of Europe. During her junior year in college, she toured with an acting troop, traveling in the United States and in Canada's Newfoundland and the British Maritimes.

Dana has worked in public relations and as media coordinator for numerous organizations. She has organized major press events for key political figures, and has assisted in events coordinated by the White House Staff Office.

Dana has been the Area Director for Washoe County Special Olympics. She coordinated hundreds of athletes and coaches in 15 different sports and organized numerous local and state games. She was the Executive Director for the Reno Executive Club, planning events for hundreds of Reno's top executives. She has also been President of the Sierra Nevada Chapter of the ASSOCIATION OF COREL ARTIST & DESIGNERS and is a member of the local Craftman's Club.






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