What are the different membership plans and why do some have a membership fee?

Answer: The membership fees help keep content current and go towards the operating costs of the websites.

Can I order from an International Address?

Answer: We currently ship only in the U. S. We are currently working on International distribution

What is the contact information for Customer Service?

Answer: Please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Why does the website change when I make the web browser window is narrow?

Answer: The website is responsive (adaptive) to various davices, screen resolutions and browser sizes for ease of use, aesthetics and functionality. When the web browser is at its narrowest form, you are seeing the website in smartphone mode, followed by the teblet version when the window is slightly wide (768px) to full desktop mode.

When viewing the website from my smartphone, why can't I access all the content on the website?

Answer: Smartphone mode is designed for you to access only the most common used portions of the websites such as the cookbook and educational library of the site. Some sections aren't also not coded or formatted to display correctly on smaller devices. We are constantly working on bringing more content the the mobile web browser.

The website doesn't look right on my computer.

Answer: There's a possibility that your browser may be outed or does not conform to W3C which is the standard which the website uses. Some browser are notorious for not following W3C standard such as older versions of Internet explorer (ver. 9 and earlier). Please let us know what browser and version number you are using by filling out the contact form and directing a message to the webmaster.

There's a link that isn't working on the website.

Answer: Please copy and paste the link that doesn't work into the a message using the contact form. Also include the name of your browser and version number.