Culinary Training Programs

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Kid Kulinaire programs are designed to give children and their families a new and fun way to interact and learn about healthy and delicious food. We have a variety of programs for different levels.


Family Program

Kid Kulinaire's Family Program is geared towards providing parents with the tools, training materials, activities and games for each area of family [  5 and up ,  10 and up ,  15 and up ,  Parent  ]to encourage an active family environment through food, fitness and fun. These "Kid Kulinare" learning modules help each member of the family enjoy the learning experience while having opportunities for family time.

The "Family Program" will include subjects such as food basics, safety, science, math, history, fitness, nutrition, and recipes. Learning is experienced through computer and physical activities as well as videos, games and a growing list of products to help support fun individual and family activities.

Home-School Program

This program is geared towards parents who home-school their child(ren). This program is considered to be an intermediate level in our three home-based programs.

The program includes all lesson plans, which have a higher level of difficulty in the areas of math, science, history, vocabulary, nutrition, fitness, etc. Although this program has a school structure layout, it can be used by all. This program is for those who want to enhance their child's education.

Skilled Home Chef Programs

This program is geared towards those with a high focus in cooking, nutrition, etc. Those dedicated to a career in culinary or looking for instructional home lessons will enjoy this advanced chef level program. This program includes chef level techniques and lessons.

After School Programs

This program is geared towards providing community centers, churches, schools and other organizations that have an after-school program with the tools, training and materials to initiate an active environment in food, nutrition and fitness. This program is designed to be intergrated with an existing program or used as a stand-alone program.

The program will include a two-part DVD series, including subjects such as safety, science, fitness, nutrition, etc. Also included are recipes, videos, games and a growing list of products to help support you.