Kid Kulinaire is a program designed specifically to combat the global childhood obesity epidemic. This educational children's program not only teaches children how to cook, it also demonstrates proper nutrition, making healthy choices, and leading an active non-sedentary lifestyle. Today's children are bombarded with 10,000* food and beverage advertisements a year promoting fast food and unhealthy snacks that contribute to childhood obesity.

Kid Kulinaire will show children how to cook simple and healthy meals at home with ingredients commonly found in the typical household. In addition, we will cover possible hazards and dangers inherent in all kitchens everywhere.

Kid Kulinaire will be proactive within the community with our interactive website, while providing a presence at public school cafeterias and holding contests that award children the opportunity to have the Kid Kulinaire hosts cook for their school or family. Kid Kulinaire also intends to roll out an entire line of products geared for children that can be purchased at local supermarkets.

According to the National Institute of Health , the number of children who are overweight has doubled over the last twenty years. Obesity in our children is a serious issue with many health and social consequences that often continue into adulthood. Pediatricians and childhood obesity researchers are reporting more frequent cases of Type 2 diabetes, asthma and hypertension--complications that were once considered exclusively adult conditions. Perhaps even more devastating to a child is the psychological distress that accompanies the stigma and social discrimination of being overweight. 

With Kid Kulinaire , children will learn many skills that will lead to a better, healthier lifestyle.