cover thumbGenre:  Family/ Food/ Scripted Reality

Synopsis: The set is as much a part of the show as the cast and animated characters, because this is a family/kids cultural interactive family show, with all the fun and wacky gadgets that you might see on any Nickelodeon TV set, as well as scripted reality show that follows a single Hispanic mother of two girls Mari (5yr), Alysia (9yr) and her imaginary friends as they all get to know her favorite celebrity TV culinarian Chef Brian.

We follow Alysia as her imaginary friends help her to navigate, learn and experience what it's like to spend family time (in a not so perfect world) making healthy choices in food and fitness, while having fun. On the cooking show stage, the gadgets are to aid in giving visually fun demonstrations on everything from how food works with your body, safety, sanitation and how food interacts (food science) in a kitchen, in order that our viewers will retain more of the information through our unique brand of humor, chefs, celebrity hosts and animated characters. The show can best be summed up as a scripted reality version of Home Improvement/ Tool-Time meets Nickelodeon, a dash of Dr.Oz, with a culinary theme. The set is a living, breathing, ever-evolving entity with a life of its own.

The show is shot from a direct TV show perspective while on the set. The rest of the show is shot from a third person perspective as in a Scripted Reality TV show (Property Brothers). While on the set, the host and co-host of the show teach and demonstrate to the studio audience (which can be seen in some shots in the show). When off the set, the perspective is a real world view of the cast and crew during their off time (at school, school activities, home, hanging with friends, at play, etc.) and not as perfect role models, but as ordinary people with families, kids and adults dealing with daily life experiences.

Each of the animated characters (Alysia's imaginary friends) has an individual and distinct personality. Sometimes they are role models, while others they take turns helping with challenges covering a wide range of cultures, ethnicities, languages and backgrounds. These characters will help make learning fun and easy to remember for kids and their parents.



Kid Kulinaire's Production

Robinson LLC Productions & Ratti Entertainment are in preproduction for the "Family Flavors with Kid Kulinaire TV Pilot". Our goal is to shoot the Pilot with the best possible local talent. To do so, we are set the stage by shooting a Trailer along with a TV Special for proof of concept and distribution. Revenues from the TV special will promote our sponsors and repay current investors while encouraging future investors and sponsors to join us for the TV Pilot and TV Series that will surely follow.

My brother AJ Robinson and I, Cuban/ Native Americans, were concerned with childhood obesity and the lack of real practical information and wisdom on not only making healthy choices in food and fitness, but on how to incorporate them into everyday family life with real world challenges. Being a Chef and martial art master along with my brother who is a caring and loving single dad, we wanted to share our combined wisdom with the world so we chose to focus the story based on our true life story's of our family. We start the show with a single Hispanic working parent (Pilar) and 2 young daughters (Alysia , Mari) they are faced with challenges and everyday conflicts while still making time for her daughters, teaching real life lessons of healthier choices (family, food, fitness and fun), not through talk but rather her everyday living examples, a recipe for a truly close happy and healthy family. This story is inspired by our family, the collective true-life stories of myself, my brother and our cousin, Alysia.

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