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Brian Robinson, a chef with his brother and co-owner AJ, both NY natives, started Robinson LLC Productions out of a need from the food service industry's continuous requests to help them turn their operations around (to be profitable, sustainable, improve food quality and leadership) and has been in business for well over a decade. Brian being a chef and business professional along with AJ with his strong retail business, IT and research abilities to the operation, the company started out doing restaurant culinary/ operational turns and business consulting for locations financially in trouble. Robinson LLC Productions evolved into the entertainment industry as select locations benefited from Chef Brian cooking on morning TV cooking segments on networks providing additional positive marketing for our clients and their locations.

We have been featured on:
"Cooking with Johnny D" (CNBC)
"The Learning Lunch Box" (CBS)
"Morning news cooking segments" (ABC, CBS, NBC4) "Star Wars TV launch event at COSI" (all networks)

The company soon made another transition into the TV and film industry. Together the brothers started development in creating an independent culinary TV production brand Kid Kulinaire as a means to provide culinary instruction to parents, helping them to provide improved as a family information and best practices in nutrition, fitness, safety and sanitation practices in the home. Kid Kulinaire concepts have been tested in several food and beverage facilities through out it's conception and development such has restaurants, colleges, church and after school programs, fitness studios and even a children's museum.

Their first TV film project development led Robinson LLC Productions to interact with various professionals in the entertainment filed working with various indie film projects, directors, actors, producers and event sent Brian to compete in IMTA in NYC where he medaled in competition. AJ and Brian also met Owen Ratliff, founder of Ratti Entertainment while he was working on his newest production, a film franchise entitled Black Salt. They all became fast friends while spending numerous hours working together as well as being mentored by Owen directly. Over the years they have assisted on various parts of the Black Salt franchise (Apparel line, Comic books, Trading cards, Toys, Animated Series, Video games and Film trilogy).

In closing, the key for Robinson LLC Production's Kid Kulinaire to be successful, is in cross integrating content from TV episodes and YouTube videos with our website material (recipes, games, articles, product lines, etc.) along with a strong internet marketing presence. Robinson LLC Productions will also be focused on networking/partnerships with strategic people and companies to assist with the launching of new products and merchandising that support multiple revenue streams. Robinson LLC Productions is always looking to for sponsors and ways to partner with investors, networks and companies.

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