Brian David Robinson has worked on films such as Two Doors Down, Black Salt, The Shia, Dream 13 and commercials for Wendy's, Certa and competed in IMTA in NYC. Being a professional chef and a graduate of the illustrious Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, NY Brian has run and turned around food establishments such as Disney winning the "Disney Culinary Arts Award", AVI Food Systems, Bravo Development Inc, the COSI children's museum while being a huge part of the launch for George Lucas's Star Wars tour and appearing on numerous daytime cooking shows with CNBC4, The Learning Lunch Box on CBS and cooking with Johnny D, the Drenda Show and volunteering to teach kids cooking at his church. Brian is the creator, writer, producer and actor playing himself in the Kid Kulinaire TV series, that is based on the true life experiences of himself, his cousin Alysia, his brother AJ who inspired the creation of the


Nathan Weatherford will direct the Kid Kulinaire scripted reality and innovative live action cooking show proof-of-concept teaser/ short. He has worked on Forensic Files, Deadly Weekend, Still Standing and Zombros. Nathan comes with a wonderful insight into how this unique list of characters will come together in this ground breaking filming style and concept.


Mariela Alvarez-Lopez – Discovered upon a chance meeting in front of Panera bread by Brian David Robinson, after he left a lunch meeting running into Mariela while she was out shopping with her older Sister Monica and invited her to try out for the audition.


Crystal Barragan is a rising star appearing in the recent Feature Film hit "America" on July 4th 2014 along with the independent film thriller "Maybe". Crystal is playing Pilar in the Kid Kulinaire Teaser/ Short and while she is part of a multicultural family herself allows her to bring personal insight to the character. She leads her family by setting examples of making healthier choices in eating, fitness and attitude, even with all the day to day challenges of being a single female Hispanic parent.


Michael Richartz can be seen in various shows such as Super Boy, Restaurant Impossible, Zombros and has worked behind the scenes in projects like Sea Quest, Reading Rainbow and A Kind Princess. Michael will play Director Nathan Weatherford in the Kid Kulinaire Teaser/ Short and Pilot. Having to bring the imagination and food experience of Alysia to the set of celebrity Chef Brian's cooking show while finding a way to make it a new hit addition to the network food word. 


Owen Ratliff is the owner of Ratti Entertainment who has led the Midwest in music, creating the "Midwest Funk", featured on BET, holds a Platinum album for BullWorth, A Gold Album for Blade III, helped to create Unstable Minds that was sold to HBO, created a Graphic Novel comic book series and is currently creating the Black Salt Feature Film based on the comic book. Owen is an Executive Producer as well as my mentor and dear friend as we are all blessed to have him as part of the Kid Kulinaire production.


Marianne Eggleston  is an Executive Producer for Kid Kulinaire while bringing professionals from the Orlando community to the production.

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