Aries Carmona

Associate Producer


Aries Carmona is a publicity agent at Universal Studios Hollywood and the owner of Gita Furniture in Los Angeles. In addition to designing and creating beautiful furniture for famous celebrities such as Will Smith and David Beckham, Aries' has been instrumental in the production of a variety of television programs

on stations such as NBC and FOX.



An early interest in photography led this bi-lingual California native to earn her degree in television production/radio broadcasting and communications from the University of California Los Angeles. A segue into the field of cinematography was brought about through an apprenticeship with a photographer, which provided opportunities to hone her cinematographic craft in music videos, concerts, and Spanish soap operas.

At the esteemed William Morris Agency, Aries proved to be a quick study on the corporate side of filmmaking. Her ability to oversee the television syndicated packaging process-from inception to completion-has been successfully demonstrated in the reality TV, talk show, game show, independent/feature film, documentary, music video and daytime television genres.

Aries then moved to the Paradigm Agency where she packaged feature film projects, created press material for "A" list actors, submitted clients to casting directors in all levels and edited treatments that needed rewrites for the agents before submission.

Aries is currently involved as creator/producer in a material arts feature film franchise entitled "Black Salt". She has just finished the film development phase of the project.





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