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Teen Trivia: Why is Autumn Known as Fall? Featured

Written by  Adam Hebe - Kid Kulinaire Columnist and Resident Teen
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Have you ever wondered why the autumn is also called “fall”? Well, a long time ago it was originally called fall because as the weather started getting colder in the 2 months or so before winter, whenever a gust of wind would blow the leaves, causing them to fall off.

According to science, there is more at play than just wind blowing the leaves off. There are these cells, called abscission cells (originating from the same root word as scissors, meaning “to cut”). This happens because during the warm days of the year, leaves are programmed to photosynthesize—a process in which the leaves make food for the tree. As the weather gets colder, the tree needs to get rid of its leaves and store its food for the winter; otherwise, the fluid or “food” would freeze in the leaves, causing the tree to die. As you can see, the leaves falling off are actually an important part of the tree’s survival.

And that is why autumn is also known as “fall”.


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