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Patience: A Virtue Which I Do Not Possess!

Written by  Laura Ipjan - Kid Kulinaire Family Psychology Expert
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Patience is a virtue in which most of us parents do not possess.  As we get older, our patience tends to take different forms.  It changes because we know that we no longer have to tolerate the things that we once did as children.

Think Like a Child 

As parents, we must remember what it was like to be a child.  When making the decision to have children, there is an unwritten code that we tell ourselves that we will be the best parents that we can be.  When we hold our children in our arms for the first time and we see how small and defenseless they are, we are drawn in to their innocence and vow to spend our lives doing all that we can for them.  As they get older and their personality and independence starts to form, we are forced to remember the early years of their lives when they pulled us in by their charm and cuteness.

When the Shoe is on the Other Foot  

How many times have we been in a grocery store, on an airplane, or at the shopping mall witnessing the breakdown of a screaming child?  We think to ourselves, “Thank God that is not my child and that will never be my child.”  A week goes by and, unfortunately, we are now the parental victims of having that screaming child and are the ones receiving the dirty looks of others. 

The worst feeling in the world is when someone questions, or has an opinion about our parenting abilities.  To all of those parents out there who at many times want to jump out of their skin or retreat to a deserted island, remember this:  patience is something that lies within.  It may be hard to find at times and it may take all of your strength to find it deep down within yourself. 

Be the (Positive) Change

Your patience will be seen and felt by your child and they will soon begin to mimic it themselves.  A child’s emotions and temperament is often a reflection of their parents.  Remember that patience is a virtue.  We all possess it, but we need to find it.  It is one of many characteristics that we need to have in order to make our lives just a little easier.

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