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Watermelon, A Colorful and Tasty Treat! Featured

Written by  Brenna Lindsey
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Watermelon is a colorful and tasty way to stay hydrated on a hot summer day; it is over 91% water! The watermelon is juicy and sweet and contains vitamin C, vitamin A, copper, potassium and several B vitamins. Although watermelon can help with hydrating your body, that doesn’t mean that you should not also drink water. Watermelon is a fun and versatile snack that is good for you! 

The watermelon is originally from South Africa. Watermelon grows on a vine and the outside of the fruit, called the rind, is often pale green with dark green strips. Did you know the watermelon contains not only pink or red flesh on the inside of the rind, but some varieties have white, yellow or orange flesh? It can be eaten raw and even cooked! Most watermelon is grown in China, but it is also grown in the United States, Turkey, Iran, and Brazil.

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You can eat the watermelon flesh alone, or for a cool summer drink, you can make fresh lemonade and drop a few pieces of watermelon in to it. Not only is it tasty, but it is very refreshing! Watermelon is also yummy in a fruit salad or a smoothie. The watermelon's rind can be sculpted many different ways and used as an edible decoration for pool parties or birthdays. Kids, don't try sculpting the watermelon rind yourself without an adult's supervision!

 My favorite activity to do while eating watermelon, is to have a seed spitting contest outside with friends or family. Whomever can spit a watermelon seed the farthest – wins! Just be careful not to accidentally swallow the seed. My Mom and I also have watermelon eating contests in the summertime. What a mess that makesBut, just don't take just my word for it......try some watermelon out for yourself, I'll bet you will have fun and like to eat it, too!

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