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Family Craft: Decoupage Memory Box Featured

Written by  Brenna and Aimee Lindsey
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Family activities? Plays? Family vacations? Holiday fun? What better place to store your treasured memories than in an easy to make, custom memory box!

Items needed:

Shoe box

Decoupage (like Mod Podge)

Paint brush

Printed materials from family trips, plays, activities, etc.


Wax paper

Optional items: Paint or fabric

Parental supervision is required

  1. Place your shoe box on a piece of wax paper to protect the surface you are working on.
  2. With scissors, cut pieces of your printed materials into different shapes and sizes, cut out enough pieces to cover the outer surface and lid of your memory box.
  3. Using the paint brush, brush a small section of the shoe box with decoupage and place one of your cut-outs onto the decoupaged surface. Then, lightly brush the top of your cut-out with more decoupage medium.
  4. Add a bit more decoupage to a small section of your shoebox box, place another memory piece onto the decoupaged area, and brush the top of your cut-out with decoupage. Continue the process by adding decoupage to the box and slightly layering your memory pieces, decopaging over each until the entire box and lid are covered.
  5. Optional: Paint or line the inside of the memory box with fabric.
  6. Allow your box and lid to dry completely.
  7. Clean-up and enjoy your custom made memory box!

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