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Blanching: is a simple and basic cooking fundamental chef's use to improve flavor and color in fruits and vegetables.

Recipe difficulty best for ages: d2 sm1 d3 sm1 d4 sm1

Recipe safety best for ages: d2 sm1 d3 sm1 d4 sm1


Shopping List:

To simplify this lesson, so we can focus just on the technique we will use fresh cut & cleaned products.

1 pound of carrots
1 pound of broccoli
Ice for cooling

Equipment Needed: 

d2 sm1

2 quart stock pot
Colander/ Strainer
1 set of Tongs or Spoon- for stirring
Bowl- for finished product
Transfer bowl- bowl for prodcuct (carrots) used for adding item into water
Sink with running water
2 Kitchen towels or two pot holders

Prepare the Following Items:

d2 sm1

Fill stock pot until 1/2 full with cold waterPlace stock pot on rear of the stove and turn on medium heat.

Place Colander in sink


d3 sm1 Turn heat up on stove to medium high (leaving items on stove with high heat settings unattended can cause them to butrn or boil over

d3 sm1 When water is simmering (small bubbles) using transfer bowl place carrots gently in water.

d3 sm1 Leave in water until carrots become a brighter orange (for aproximatly 1-1.5 minutes), occationally stir- for even heat distribution.

d3 sm1 When carrots are ready remove water from stove and pour in sink through strainer (becareful not to pour too fast to avoid steam burn to hands or face)

d2 sm1 Rinse with cold running water over carrots to rapidly cool or place in bowl of icewater continuously stirring to cool (if using icewater to cool be sure not to leave in water too long/past cooling point to keep from getting soggy), remove and place in bowl.

Notes/ Suggestions:

When Blanching the Broccoli Florette, repeat all the steps except the time. It only takes about 15 to 30 seconds and be careful not to get acid in the water (like lemon juice) as it will turn green veggies brown. Also if green veggies are left in their own water too long the natural acid in them will turn them brown as well.

Once your veggies are blanched taste them! They still have their crunch but now with more flavor and best of all when you eat them you will be able to digest more nutrition from them.

Eat them cold with your favorite spread, like a homemade hummus or heat them up quickly in a suate pan to serve them hot.


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