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Chef Brian's simple pesto recipe




My simple pesto recipe

(I made this pesto recipe for several restaurants and they loved it and still use it to this day)

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Recipe safety best for ages: d1_sm1.jpg d2 sm1 d3 sm1 d4 sm1


Shopping List:

3 cups packed     Fresh Basil, leaf and stems (8 ounces by weight ) approximately 3 cups packed

15 ounces          Extra virgin olive oil

2.5 cups            Parmesan cheese, fresh grated (not processed)

3 each              Garlic cloves 

1/2 tsp             Kosher salt or Sea salt (Do not use table salt/ Iodzed salt for cooking or for consumption)

Note: Traditional pesto recipes call for pine nuts, I do not use them as some people have nut allergies and for the expense I feel they do not add much flavor. I also use the stems if they are green and soft as they add flavor, nutrients and volume without compromising texture (do not waste them by throwing them out).

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